Disabled Access Consulting Services

Kim Blackseth has been Plaintiff’s, or Defense expert, on over 1000 cases. On a number of cases (about five) I was expert for both parties, by agreement.

Cases Where Depositions Or Testimony Was Required:

  • Hawkins v. Campus Mini-Mart (Deposition and Trial)
  • Haney v. Treat (Deposition and Trial)
  • James v. JC Penney’s (Deposition and Trial)
  • Dowling v. Spinnakers  (Deposition and Trial)
  • Perkins v. Chicago Metropolitan (Depo)
  • Pickern v. UniLab (Depo)
  • D’Lil v. Ranch House (Depo)
  • Stickel v. Farmers Table (Depo)
  • Callen v. Macys West (Depo)
  • Lieber v. Cal Pacific Med Center (Depo)
  • McWorter v. Dalton (Deposition and Trial)
  • Hankins v. El Torito (Depo)
  • Jenkins v. Holiday Inn (Deposition and Trial)
  • Zum Brunnan v. Mission Ranch (Deposition and Trial)
  • Lentini v. City of Escondido
  • Wilson v. Polaris
  • Turner v City of Fresno
  • Graham v Westwood Village HOA
  • Pickern v Tri Counties Bank;
  • Doran v. Rendzvous Café;
  • Moreno v Subway (Deposition and Trial)
  • Doran v. Holiday Quality Foods
  • Doran v. Oroville Hospital
  • Martin v. Cavalier
  • CDRA v. Mervyn’s
  • McMahon v. Cinema West (Deposition and Trial)
  • Wilson v. Nimbus Winery (Deposition and Trial)
  • Martin v. Water St Grille
  • Marcy, Darcy-Key v Fortuna Hotel
  • Martin v. Water Street Grill
  • Feezor v. Starbucks;
  • Molski v. Harmony;
  • Madden v Amir’s Pasta
  • Ordeana v. Kaiser Permanente
  • Wilson v. Pier 1
  • Chapman v. Pier 1
  • Cherry v. SF City College
  • Dodson v. Dollar Tree (Trial)
  • Wilson v. Johnny Carino’s (Trial)
  • Wilson v. Murillo’s;
  • Antonetti v. Chipolte;
  • Lonberg v. City of Riverside (Trial only) 2005
  • Fitzsimmons v Novato Motel;
  • Oliver v KFC;
  • Freeman v. Tavistock;
  • Sharlands v. Finnegan; Arbitration
  • Wilson v PFS LLC (McDonalds)
  • Dodson v. Starbucks (Trial only);
  • Burnette v West Hollywood;
  • Moeller v Taco Bell (depo)
  • Bueller v Palms Hotel & Resort (Trial only) Aug 2009;
  • Casteneda v Burger King Corp (Feb 2010)
  • Blackwell v CCSF (June 2010) Colombato Sims;
  • Ball v. Loma Linda Trailer Park (Aug 2010) Gefand);
  • Smith v San Mateo Housing (Sept 2010) Cholakian;
  • Folks v Sunrise Assisted Living (Oct 2010) Lauderdale;
  • Halliday v Regents, et al (November 2010) David Goldin;
  • Lonberg v City of Riverside (Phase III) Feb 2011; trial only;
  • Moeller v Taco Bell Trial (June 2011);   Hurley- USDC Northern C02-5849 PJH(JL)
  • Smith v San Mateo Housing (July 2011); Trial, Cholakian- San Mateo Superior Court CIV 486758
  • Dacy v Bel Air (Oct 2011) depo; Wunderli; Placer Superior Court SCV 27194
  • Pete’s Stop and Go (Nov 2011) depo; Moore- Unknown
  • Moore v Robinson Oil (June 2012) trial- Papi- USDC Northern 2010-1014
  • Gray v GGNRA (June 2012) depo- USDOJ- Case C-08-00722 EDL
  • Kohler v Eddie Bauer (January 2013) Roybal Federal Building in Downtown L.A.  255 East Temple Street Los Angeles, CA 90012-3332.  Hon. Philip Gutierrez, Courtroom 880.
  • Strong v Walgreens– Federal Southern District- Case 09CV0611 WQH
  • Cohen v Frys– Burbank Small Claims – June 27, 2013
  • Yates v Bacco– Northern District Federal court- Judge Ryu- Aug 14, 2013
  • City of Rialto– Depo- Torres v City of Rialto- Case CIVDS1113014 – Aug 17, 2013
  • Cunninham v Golden Gate Healthcare- State Superior Ct- case CGC-10-496543 (Sept 23, 2013)
  • Bench & Bar v Caballo, et al – Bankrupcy Court- case 2013-04186 (10/29/2013)
  • Trowbridge v. Winter –depo- Nov 2013
  • Kalani v. National Seating- depo – Eastern District- 2:13-CV-00061-JAM-GGH – Nov 2013
  • Kalani v. Castle Park Village- depo- Eastern District- 2:12-cv-02330- LKK-CKD (2/12/2014)
  • Arroyo v. Robinson Oil-depo – State Superior Court- Case No.:  512CV007225
  • D’Lil v. Riverboat Delta King, et al-depo – Eastern District-2:11-CV-02230-WBS-JFM (8/5/14)
  • Kalani v. Starbucks –depo – Northern District – 5:13-cv-00734-LHK (10/14/14)
  • Hernandez v. Capitol Square- depo and trial – State Superior Court- 1-12-CV-223913 (1/16/15);
  • Powell v. Buncich – depo – Us District Court (Hammond Division) 2:11-CV-00277-PPS-PRC (3/10/15)
  • Johnson v. Starbucks (Blossom Hill Pavilion L.P.) US District Court Northern- 5:13-cv-01414-HRL (7/7/15)

Personal Disability Knowledge

I am also a disabled individual.  I’m a C-5 quadriplegic (since 1979) and use an electric wheelchair for day-to-day ambulation and a pushchair on less frequent occasions.

This unique combination of expertise in the field of disabled access and my daily observations and practical experience as a disabled individual make a rare and very useful mixture of technical and real world knowledge for my clients and the court.

Expert Testimony

The facts contained are within my personal knowledge, and I can and will testify competently to them if called to do so. The following opinions are based on my experience with providing program and physical facilities access for public and private entities.

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