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Kim Blackseth has done disabled access consulting for over 2500 firms.
A partial list of some of the projects I have been involved with include:

  • Consultant to US Department of Justice (DOJ) on Golden Gate National Park (GGNRA);
  • Consultant to the State of Arizona’s General Counsel on a matter regarding the State’s voting machines (Chavez v Bennett);
  • Consultant to County of Alameda on issues related to Santa Rita County Jail and State Courthouse in Oakland;
  • Consultant to Safari West, a 400 acre wildlife preserve, inn their attempts to provide disabled access to this unique experience;
  • Defense expert on the $107 million construction defect case at the Jackson Rancheria Hotel and Casino;
  • Consultant to NASCAR and Infineon Raceway on disabled access issues;
  • Consultant to National Park Service and Prime Architect on the renovation of the Ahwanee Hotel in Yosemite.
  • Consultant to the Irvine Co on all facets of disabled access in Multifamily housing development;
  • Consultant to the CalTrans on curb ramp issues Statewide;
  • Consultant to the Golden Gate Bridge District on disabled access within the Ferry Terminals;
  • Consultant to the Judicial Council of California/ Administrative Office of the Courts on courtroom disabled access;
  • Consultant to Lucasfilm’s/ILM on Skywalker Ranch;
  • Consultant to Foster’s/Beringer Blass on their entire winery portfolio;
  • Consultant to San Francisco Community College District on their $20 million Title II action;
  • Consultant to Shea Homes on all facets of disabled access in Multi-family housing development;
  • Defense Expert for Mervyn’s in their defense of the selective aisle width case;
  • Consultant to the National Park Service for the new Yosemite Lodge and Camp 4 in Yosemite Valley.
  • Consultant to California Attorney General on a Federal ADA case
  • involving the Department of Corrections’ 15 prison institutions;
  • Defense expert on the Clint Eastwood ADA matter in Carmel.
  • Disabled Access Consultant to the Skidmore, Owings and Merrill design teams on the proposed Pier 32 Cruise Terminal in San Francisco.
  • Expert to Francis Ford Coppola’s Coppola-Niebaum Winery;
  • Plaintiff’s experts on a personal injury case with ADA and disabled access elements. The award exceeded $2.1 million dollars.
  • Expert to the Pebble Beach Company’s properties (including Pebble Beach, Del Monte, Spyglass and Spanish Bay hotel and golf properties;
  • Worked as expert in the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) on their Federal Class Action suit;
  • Assisted the Hertz Corp. as an expert on their recent Federal Class Action access suit;
  • Helping the NBA Golden State Warriors and the Oakland/ Alameda
  • County Coliseum Complex identify and solve disabled access problems with their facility;
  • I’ve been certified by the California State Lottery to work with their 19,200 sites to achieve a minimum level of access;
  • Helping the NBA Sacramento King’s and the ARCO Arena Complex identify and solve disabled access problems with their facility;
  • Completed a one-year study on the effectiveness of the City and County of San Francisco’s Building Departments’ in enforcing the State Disabled
  • Access Regulations. The Northern District Federal Court ordered this study based on litigation from community groups.
  • Worked as expert for MUNI (San Francisco Municipal Railway) on their recent Federal Class Action suit;
  • Study completed for Fair Housing of Marin on 20 residential sales offices;
  • Assisted the City of Chicago’s Convention Complex called Metropolitan
  • Pier and Exposition with disabled access elements.
  • Recent work with the California Attorney Generals Office on a whole range of disabled/ADA issues.
  • Consultant to the Shea Homes Co project at Hamilton Field in Novato,CA;


In a full Defense verdict, the Honorable Howard R. Lloyd United States Magistrate Judge, in the case of Moore v. Robinson Oil issued the following statement on June 11th, 2012.

“Both Plaintiffs expert and Blackseth (defense expert) are California Certified Access Specialists, and each have many years experience in the building trade. Plaintiffs expert, however, appeared to have a weak understanding of the ADA’s readily achievable standard and made some assertions that seemed flat-out incorrect. It was also his first time ever testifying in court, and he was distractingly surely on cross-examination. He did not come across as especially convincing. Blackseth, in contrast, had testified in court dozens of times (for both plaintiffs and defendants), had weightier qualifications, demonstrated extensive knowledge, and was persuasive.”

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